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Working from home, home school and social isolation have changed some trends in housing and much of it will last for years to come. We have experienced many years of "the open floor plan." These wide, open spaces made sense; expanding living areas and making use of the little used areas from the past. However, with the pandemic, and the growing work-from-home market, we are trending to more private areas with multiple uses built into them. Home offices are in big demand as well as designated study areas in bedrooms, lofts and living spaces. Pocket areas that are specifically designed for zoom calls, exercise nooks and e-learning areas are all trending.

Multi-generational homes are being built with 2 master suites and separate living and tv areas. Since the beginning of the pandemic, one in six home buyers who purchased during the pandemic purchased a multi-generational home according to Jessica Lautz with the National Association of Realtors.

Decor is changing as well from a more sterile color scheme to more natural woods and adding warmth with a variety of colors. Kitchen will see more color and less open shelving. Staying inside has made many realized that they don't want to see all of their stuff all the time!

Outdoor areas are changing as well. Maximizing front yards with comfortable porches that open to the street allow for bonding with your neighbors and still social distancing. Garden areas, even if very small, are in demand. Vertical gardening, raised garden beds and potted herbs can enhance the landscape as well as being a useful and relaxing pastime for the homeowner. Bringing the outdoors in with plants and taking the indoors out with patios that include larger living spaces, grills, firepits and cozy lanais make staying at home more pleasurable.

These 2021 housing trends are leading to a big growth in new construction. If you're thinking about building a new home, we can help you find a builder that fits your needs and budget.

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